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Melbourne, February 10 2007, 9.30pm

Melbourne, February 10 2007, 9.30pm

I live in Melbourne about 15km from the city and on the 10\02\2007 at around 9.30pm I believe I saw a UFO. My girlfriend and I were driving to the local video store to drop off some DVDs. We drove up a hill from my house and turned left to go down another hill. As I was driving down I looked at the city lights as I always do, when I saw a glow of red lights moving west across the city, and on top of the red lights I saw blue lights. It was shaped like an Aussie rules football, but thinner like it had been squashed. I immediately told my girlfriend about it and she could not see anything, not even the city lights, as she has bad eyes. I got to the bottom of the hill and did a u-turn and watched the lights in my side mirror. I turned back around to face it and parked my car and watched for about 10 seconds as it moved west. To me it was a large structure that reminded me of the size of a blimp, but its pace as it moved across the city in a westerly direction was so fast. I’m positive it was a UFO. [This report was forwarded to VUFORS.]


Queens Road, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


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