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Maryvale [QLD], August 30 2003, 8.00pm

Maryvale [QLD], August 30 2003, 8.00pm

The same witness was in a vehicle approaching Cunningham’s Gap when he saw two big orange lights which seemed to be 300 to 400 meters away and 20 to 30 meters apart, stationary a few hundred meters above a farm house at an angle of elevation of about 45 degrees. The witness was in a moving vehicle, and the lights, which appeared smaller than the full moon, hovered in place for about a minute and then vanished. The lights were well defined, clearly visible, and at the same height. As they continued on the witness saw one round orange light directly in front at an angle of elevation of about 45 degrees, so that he had to stoop to see it through the front car windscreen. The light seemed to be approaching the vehicle fast but it dimmed, brightened and then disappeared before it got to the witnesses’ position. It was seen for about a minute but no sound was heard with the window down.


Maryvale, Queensland, Australia


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