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Maryborough, Tuesday July 24 2001, 7.45pm

Maryborough, Tuesday July 24 2001, 7.45pm

A woman [a well known public figure], and her husband were driving north towards Maryborough on the Bruce Highway saw a massive object which looked like fireworks in the sky break up into three pieces and come down over or near the town.

The same witness was recently driving to work from Hervey Bay to Maryborough at about 5.15am, coming to the top of a hill about 30km from Maryborough facing southwest towards Tin Can Bay, and saw a large triangular object, the largest thing she had ever seen in the sky, above the tree-line on the horizon. It had lights across the bottom edge and in its centre, with red/orange lights at the R and L ends. It was just catching the rising sun, and its apparent size was the width of 4 fingers at arm’s length.

She also described an experience which happened in Inverell NSW in 1977 when she was 18 years old and living in a house with two other people. She was awakened at 3am and whatever had wakened her left her very frightened. In an instant it was complete daylight in and around the house. In an instant it was pitch black again. She sensed danger,


Maryborough, Queensland, Australia


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