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Maryborough, May 18 2008, 5.45pm

Maryborough, May 18 2008, 5.45pm

At approximately 5:45pm in the evening my four and a half year old boy lay on the ground staring at the sky. We were just on our way to a family dinner and my husband and myself told him to get up off the damp grass. He replied “I’m looking for shooting stars”. All of a sudden with the utmost excitement he started yelling “Ooh ,ooh it’s a shooting star!” To our amazement my husband and myself witnessed a bright white light which was not a shooting star — it shot through the sky from the Tinana side of Maryborough and straight toward the Maryborough airport where it simply disappeared into the sky.

This was no normal aircraft — it was too quick and did not travel at any angle, just vertical. The weird thing is that when this object of bright light had reached the Maryborough airport a plane had just taken off into the sky at the same time and I could actually see that there was a difference between the plane and the bright light. I’m surprised that there wouldn’t be a report at the airport because you would have thought that the pilot had most definitely seen something. Meanwhile my mother-in-law had come from the backyard out onto the street to watch this with us as my son was so excited to tell her about it. We were all amazed and she also swears that it was a UFO.


Maryborough, Queensland, Australia


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