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Maryborough, March 10 2010, 11.51pm

Maryborough, March 10 2010, 11.51pm

At 11:51pm in Tinana Maryborough Queensland I lay in bed reading a book and glanced out my bedroom window at the stars. I don’t know why but I looked toward the end of my street to the west and noticed what at first I thought was a star. It was far too bright! I made my way to the front veranda and checked again it was no star. I called to my teenage daughter who was on the computer to come and check it out she was quite shocked by what we both saw. The object moved in a motion of a cross up, down, left, right. – blinking red and white and then moved in a clockwise circular motion. Although this might seem stupid we leaned against the outside wall with our heads touching the wall so as we had no movement in our body – we did this so as we made sure the object was moving and not our bodies movement creating the illusion of movement. On doing this it made our view of the objects movements more apparent.


Maryborough, Queensland, Australia


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