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Maryborough, late 2006, 2.00am, reported 2008

Maryborough, late 2006, 2.00am, reported 2008

I am a firm believer in UFOs and especially since I have had a few unexplainable things happen during my life. One incident that still baffles me happened at about 2.00am in the morning during late 2006. My husband awoke and said that he couldn’t sleep and he was going to go outside for a cigarette — which for him to go outside was a bit odd at that time of the morning. Anyway I decided I would join him and we both sat on the veranda for a short while, about fifteen minutes. To our amazement we both noticed a bright orange light somewhat like a fireball in the sky — to me it was huge. I started getting really intrigued about it. He was trying to tell me that it was one of the Bruce Highway foglights, which do actually glow an orange colour and can be seen from the far left side of our veranda, but I argued the point with him as I knew it definitely was not. We both agreed that it wasn’t. The ball of light looked as though it was some sort of glowing fireball of energy and it had appeared about a metre above the treeline up our road and started to descend down through the trees – -you could tell this as we watched it move down past tree limbs. I was baffled by this experience and still am to this day. The funny thing is in mid-2007 my sister-in-law, mother- and father-in-law saw the same thing from their Gympie property. It just confirms that both they and myself actually seem to have seen the same thing.


Maryborough, Queensland, Australia


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