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Marsden, 8 December 2012, evening

Marsden, 8 December 2012, evening

My family and I were out tonight and on our way home my 12 year old son asked if an object in the sky above the Marsden area (Logan City) was a helicopter. We thought it was, so we started to watch it, wondering what kinds of action may be happening. It had two big red lights and a bright beam of light shining down to the area below. We were not close – the object looked like it was a suburb away. We were on the Motorway at the time and continued to watch it, and it continued to stay in the one place with its beam of light. After exiting the motorway (a few minutes drive from when we first saw it), we saw it turn off its beam of light and start moving toward the same direction we were travelling.

We still thought it was a helicopter at this stage, but as it came closer to us, and us to it, we thought more and more that it was not like any kind of helicopter we would normally see. We see quite a few as we live close to the hospital. We then turned down the service road towards our street where we were almost following it. Its lights then changed from red to blue and red. My husband and I had, as safe as it may not seem, our eyes glued to the windscreen of our car, looking at it. It definitely did not look like a helicopter as it flew over the top of us. It was narrow and long and reminded me of a long flashing glow stick. It turned off its blue and red lights and went to a white light and flew higher into the sky, and within 90 seconds it looked like a distant star.

I have never seen what I believe is a UFO. I really didn’t believe in them. But tonight with my family, my three kids and my husband, who all saw the same thing, I don’t know what else to think.


Marsden, Queensland, Australia


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