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Mareeba, May 24 2008, 7.15pm

Mareeba, May 24 2008, 7.15pm

My wife and I were driving in a north-easterly direction on a long straight bitumen road approaching the top of the Great Dividing Range approximately thirty kilometres west of Mareeba in North Queensland. The time was approximately 7.15pm, just at the end of twilight. The date was the May 24 2008.

The surrounding country is mostly farmland and some sparsely treed areas, with a mountain range off in the distance to the left. Guesstimate of approximately two kilometres away. In front of me in the distance and off slightly to the left my wife and I both noticed an intensely blue slowly flashing light. The light would flash three times (not positive of the number of times it flashed) and then went out for about five seconds. The colour was a bit darker than sky blue and almost iridescent. Very pretty and unusual.

At an estimate I would say the light was a couple of kilometres away. We commented on how pretty it was but being a farming area we thought there must be some sort of farming light to scare off flying foxes or whatever. Then we realised that in the period that the light was not flashing it had moved at an incredibly fast speed and then stopped and flashed and then repeated the sequence. The object travelled in a south-westerly direction quite low to the ground, lower then any helicopter could fly at night.

The closest the light came to us was a couple of hundred metres. Strangely, one would assume that an object that could accelerate and stop so fast would make a lot of noise but we heard nothing. The light had disappeared behind us in no more than thirty seconds.


Mareeba, Queensland, Australia


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