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Manly 1996/1997 [reported May 5 2006]

Manly 1996/1997 [reported May 5 2006]

A woman reported a number of sightings that she’s had over the years. She moved to Brisbane from Sydney ten years ago and her first Brisbane sighting was in 1996 at Manly looking east over the Bay. She awoke and saw a ‘star’ in the sky moving around. In 1997 at Springbrook she saw one light followed by another. Over the next two nights she saw six lights move about similar to her Manly sighting. She wondered if maybe she had something to do with ‘them’? At age 14 in Sydney she was walking home after sunset and saw ‘something’. She had an ‘eerie feeling’ just before these sightings. In addition to seeing objects over water, she has also seen one landed in a park.


Manly, Queensland, Australia


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