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Main Beach, 2005

Main Beach, 2005

A man was laying on the beach looking at sky. Wearing polarised glasses he observed a white object about the size of a pin head which seemed to be hovering over Surfers Paradise. It started to move slowly east, going out to sea. As it did, two more white objects appeared from the east and made their way slowly to meet it. They fell into line with the first object, hovered for 30 to 45 seconds, then all slowly moved out to sea. He watched them for five minutes. The witness has seen many satellites before and said they were definitely not satellites, planes or helicopters.

When the same man was 17 years old in New Zealand he went rabbit shooting with a friend. It was 5.00am and they were sitting near their vehicle when they observed a light like a light bulb come down to ground and land. It was about five miles from their location. As daylight broke the young men decided to walk to where the light had landed, but when they got there they could find nothing.


Main Beach, Queensland, Australia


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