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Mackay, July 15 1986, 7.15pm [reported 1998]

Mackay, July 15 1986, 7.15pm [reported 1998]

On the day of her father’s funeral, after the relatives had left, a woman was sitting in her house along with her mother, sister and brother, looking out the window across the ocean. She saw what looked like a blimp with windows floating silently over the ocean, silver white in colour and egg shaped. It seemed to be only about 40 feet away. The family ran down to the beach to get a closer look. The brother then ran back to the house to ring the airport and radio stations who didn’t seem to believe him. The brother stated that the object looked like a train suspended in the air. The family never said anything about the incident because they considered that people would have thought they were suffering from stress related to the funeral. The next day an article appeared in the daily Mercury, a Mackay paper which reported that two fishermen had had a sighting as well.


Mackay, Queensland, Australia


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