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Mackay, August 6 2007, 6.30am

Mackay, August 6 2007, 6.30am

A friend and I were driving through to Townsville and noticed a star-like object in the sky, no clouds, just as the sun was coming up at about 6:30 in the morning. My driving partner in the back started to swear and told me to pull over because there was something in the sky. I pulled over and we were watching this star in the sky move randomly, as a fly or insect would towards a light at night time. Remembering we had his telescope in the back with all our gear he set it up to get a closer look. Meanwhile I was trying to video record it with my hand-held camera with no luck. I had a look via his telescope and what I saw, you wouldn’t ever believe. It was a cell-like object with no real defined shape that looked to be harnessing energy from its surroundings, changing from some of the most unreal colours to the human mind and with no defined shape, like jelly in the air. We had to keep moving the telescope even though it was on the tripod because it was moving quite a bit. It was after it changed into a solid-like object and a solid colour of dark red that it moved real close to both of us. It appeared to be not even 50 metres away from us, then it disappeared.


Mackay, Queensland, Australia


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