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Mackay, 2001, reported 2002

Mackay, 2001, reported 2002

The recent incident in Mackay has refreshed my memory. I don’t know about the area being a hot spot but I do know that a lot of the old timers who have worked in mines all their lives have seen a lot of strange phenomena. Not just around central Queensland but also in Western Australia. Everything from Min Min lights to bright orange balls of light chasing each other in coal pits. I’m sure there have been others who have seen weird things but just won’t come forward. I have also seen at night three white lights moving in the shape of a triangle and it was huge. By the time I tried to stop the vehicle and focus on it, it seemed to just roll over and disappear. I know for a fact that that there have been strange sightings in Central Queensland for a number of years and if I remember correctly some close encounters with UFOs as well.

I have had a few rather interesting sightings of UFOs while working at a coal mine in 1997/98. The mine is called BHP Peak Downs mine and is located 30km south of the township of Moranbah. Moranbah itself is located 200kms west of Mackay.

I have always heard of the old timers talking about Min Min lights and strange lights that they have seen when working at mines at night over the last 30-40 years but never thought I would see one myself, let alone two. I work on the blast crew at the mine and we deal with the blasting of overburden and coal. Due to the type of work we like to start at 6.00am [the rest of the mine starts at 7.00am] to avoid the midday sun. It was early one morning between 6.30 and 6.50am and my offsider, who was driving, and I were travelling on the northern haulroad to the 12N pit where we were to do a coal shot. It was autumn at the time so the Sunday was rising just over the eastern horizon. I was just casually looking out the window when I noticed something shinning in the air. This didn’t really surprise me because we can usually see jets flying way off to the east of the mine in the morning and the Sunday reflects off them. I looked closer and realised that this “jet” was very close to the mine. I thought this was strange because we do have smaller planes fly over the site but this one was very large and silver. The other fact was that it wasn’t moving but seemed to be hovering. I kept losing site of the saucer-like object behind the spoil heaps and eventually lost it completely. I said nothing to anybody about it at the time for fear of looking like a fool, and also I was thinking of other possibilities. However the next morning there was a report in the local paper of a saucer like object that was seen hovering above the highway at the same time I saw it. It then accelerated straight up at great speed to disappear from sight. The highway is approx 300m away to the east of where I was working and the because of the time of morning it was spotted by about 30-50people driving to work. I have done some calculations and have speculated that the object was approx 300m in the air, silver/chrome in colour, roughly the size of a 737, and was shaped like the saucers from the TV series “V”.

If you would like confirm my sighting you can get in contact with the paper that published the story. I cannot remember the date exactly. The paper is The Mackay Daily Mercury and I’m sure they would have a clipping somewhere. There have been a number of sightings in Mackay in the last few years that have been reported by the paper as well.


Mackay, Queensland, Australia


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