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Mackay, 14 February 2012, 4.22am and 4.30am

Mackay, 14 February 2012, 4.22am and 4.30am

This is my first ever report of a UFO. I am a passionate follower of satellites and general astronomy, so even though I have my nose in the air quite often, I also know exactly what to look for when identifying a satellite or anything similar.

1st sighting: Time 4.22am, in the sky SSW of Mackay at an altitude of about 40° East, moving SSW: It was a red solid light that seemed to shoot a red flare out to the East (I thought that it may be space junk re-entry at first). Then three red lights seemed to be rotating, or flashing, underneath it. No sound, no navigation lights (like a helicopter or plane). It was travelling at about the speed of a satellite and seemed to be at about satellite height.

2nd sighting: Time approximately 4.30am, in the sky to the South of Mackay at an altitude of about 30° East, moving to the South.

It was a bar of horizontal white lights (probably about 5-7 lights, it was a fair way away) that looked a bit like a jet airliner side-on, but instead of travelling left to right, or right to left, it just kept travelling South like a side-on plane. No navigation lights and no noise, but it seemed much further away. Slow travelling to the South and wandering just a little.


Mackay, Queensland, Australia


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