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Logan Village, Saturday February 27 1999, 8.30pm

Logan Village, Saturday February 27 1999, 8.30pm

A family were leaving their acreage property, stopping to open and close their front gate. The son got out to tend the gate and saw a huge football shaped object the size of a football oval, with three rows of circular “windows” passing at treetop height to the south, moving east to west. The object turned as it passed, first clockwise and then anticlockwise, as though it was sighting the family while passing and then turning again to face its direction of motion. Meanwhile the mother driving the car saw through the front windscreen what seemed to be a multistorey apartment block, with the windows lit up, in the paddock across the road. The boy became frightened, jumped into the car and urgently asked his mother to “go”. As the woman turned left into the roadway, she caught a glimpse of the object to the west perhaps a km away. The daughter of the family had a boyfriend who was with a group of people at Jimboomba, about 20km away, at that time, who saw an unusual light.


Logan Village, Queensland, Australia


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