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Location unknown, October 4 2011

Location unknown, October 4 2011

Last night, October 4 2011, I was outside enjoying nature when I noticed what I thought was a satellite. The path it was following was straight at first, then it seemed to run out of fuel and proceeded to cough and sputter across the sky – from low in the southwest to far off and high in the northeast. It looked liked a cartoon spaceship running out of fuel – I kid you not. This lasted around two minutes or so and there was no sound. When it was nothing more than another star in the eastern sky a jet flew overhead (again from the southwest) in a direct line, loud and obvious, toward the point. Ten to fifteen minutes later a shooting star shot from east to northwest and died out in the atmosphere. These three things were all separate and completely different in sound, size and speed. The second thing was definitely a jet and the third thing was (characteristically) an ordinary shooting star. Any ideas on what that first thing was?


Location unknown


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