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Location unknown, date unknown

Location unknown, date unknown

My story starts when I was sitting in my lounge room watching TV with my 12 year old daughter sitting next to me reading her book, when she said, ‘Dad, have you noticed that the ceiling light is dimming?’ I said I noticed it a while ago and found it strange because we do not have a dimmer. It became so dim that I decided to switch off the light as it may be faulty which could start an electrical fire. My wife and daughter and I called it a night and we all went to bed for the night. I think it was about 1.30am when I awoke to find that my wife had left the bed to go sleep in the lounge room because of my snoring. I went to check on her to see if she was okay, and as I was walking down the hallway towards the lounge room I noticed the ceiling light was on. I thought my wife must have turned it on and left it on, so I went to turn it off. To my surprise the switch was already off. As I walked away from the switch the light turned off.

As I bent down to wake my wife, a bright light appeared in front of me for a spilt second then vanished. I really thought nothing much about the two incidents and went to give my wife a shake when the light appeared again then disappeared again. I thought it might be ball lighting, so I went to have a look outside the house.

As I turned to go outside another light appeared then vanished like the other two. The lights were the size of a twenty cent piece. When they vanished they seemed to have a shock wave around them that doubled their size. I decided to leave well enough alone and retired back to my bedroom, but did not try to sleep as I could not stop thinking what these lights were and the strange behaviour of the ceiling light. I must have been laying there for an hour when for a fraction of a second the entire bedroom was lit up by a light so bright that it left me quite concerned. Not knowing what to do about something you have no control over I lay there for a few more minutes. Then the light returned, but this time it lasted for about three seconds and was so incredibly bright I could not see anything else

It took me about five seconds to get out of the room and check on my family. I went to get my wife up from her sleep then went to get my daughter from her room. As I was doing this my wife passed by my daughter’s bedroom were I was and continued to our bedroom. I took my daughter to our bedroom and the two of them slept while I stayed awake for the remainder of the night.

The next morning I told my wife what had happened and as always she gave me one of those looks. My daughter thought it strange we were sitting outside and came to us and said ‘What are you guys talking about?’ My sceptic wife said to her ‘oh nothing, Dad thinks he saw lights in the house last night that’s why we all ended in bed together.’ My daughter then said that she had also seen the lights but thought it was one of us playing with the ceiling lights by turning them on and off really fast. This comment then jogged my wife’s memory as she told us she thought I was in the master bedroom walk-in wardrobe turning the lights on and off, but now can remember me standing over my daughter waking her. I have seen the smaller light on one other occasion, this time outside the house just before sunset, and as the other time it disappeared with a small shock wave appearance.

Whatever this was it had intelligence. It seemed to know what it was doing and could manipulate light.



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