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Location unknown, 4 November 2012, 9.00pm

Location unknown, 4 November 2012, 9.00pm

About 9.00pm Sunday night, I was sitting at my computer with my dog MJ sitting next to me on a pillow, where she sits all the time. All of a sudden MJ was trying to move but kept falling over — her back legs were falling out from under her, and I thought OMG, she’s got a tick, she’s nearly paralysed. I rang G straight away and told him there’s something wrong with MJ, she can’t walk/stand, and he said to check her for a tick. I got off the phone and started to film her to show G what she was doing, and as I started to film she started to move again, thank God, but she was in a panic, she was panting and freaking out.

I took her out the front to see if she wanted to go to the toilet or something, I didn’t know what to do. Then I looked up and saw four lights just up the road in the sky, circling, so I rang and told G and told him ‘it’s just like what you see in those UFO movies.’ I tried taking a video of it but it didn’t turn out, my camera is not good at night.

I went back inside with MJ as she had settled down, but the lights were still there. I was chatting to Gerard on and off over the next 30 minutes, and he kept on asking about the lights. I was trying to get all the pictures off my camera because it was full, so I could try and take video and pictures, but it was taking ages.

I went back out to check the lights again, and all of a sudden the lights all went into one, upwards, and then disappeared with a sound like a sonic boom.

G believes me because I was on the phone to him most of the time describing everything, but I was upset I didn’t get it on camera. MJ disappeared for about 45 minutes after that, and when she came back she had bits of grass stuck to her. It’s not like her to take off, especially at night like that.


Location Unknown


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