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Location unknown, 27-28 January 2009, 10.00pm

Location unknown, 27-28 January 2009, 10.00pm

Best way to describe these sightings is “moving stars” across the sky.
On January 27th a UFO appeared from south heading north very fast, then seemed to split and one “star” headed west and became as bright as the northern star while the other continued north. One after the other they continued across the sky south to north. Same line, same speed. I thought they may have been satellites, however there were 12 individual “stars” and they appeared at intervals between 10pm – 12 am.
On the 28th a UFO appeared firstly heading south to north, however the line of flight was different to the previous night. Then a second appeared flying west to east. Then five more appeared, flying in the same line south to north. One became extremely bright like the North Star and then faded.

With regard to the speed I know they were travelling extremely fast as I would point to the sky and would have to move my arm constantly to keep up with the object, unlike a plane which moves slowly and steadily.


Location unknown


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