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Lederger Gorge near Ballarat [VIC], 1975 [reported August 17 2002]

Lederger Gorge near Ballarat [VIC], 1975 [reported August 17 2002]

Late one afternoon a woman and her son were going to the local shop. They observed 2 objects in the sky that looked like 44 gallon drums. They were travelling south to north and parallel. As they moved the objects wobbled a bit and one of them went off balance. While this happened the other object remained in balance and still, until the first object regained it’s balance, then they took off. She couldn’t estimate how far away the objects were. It was a lightly clouded day. The witness also reported another incident where she woke up one morning about 2 to 3am. She felt like something shook her awake and she had to get up to be shown something. She put on her dressing gown and went to the front door. She opened it and saw a great ribbon of light to the west. In the ribbon of light were all sorts of ships such as yachts, aircraft carriers, dinghies, etc. She said the ribbon looked like a Star Trek tractor beam and was a brilliant pale yellow light. She was not frightened and went back to bed. The next day she told her husband but he didn’t believe her and she hadn’t told anyone since. This lady is an energy healer and once when she was performing healing on a female friend while sitting on her chair in the kitchen, she got the impression of her friend changing into a male being with elongated bright yellow eyes which she described as lizard eyes. She felt he was very tall and strong and when she spoke to her friend she found that her friend’s voice was deeper and guttural.


Ballarat, Victoria, Australia


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