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Lawnton, April 7 2012, 8.15pm

Lawnton, April 7 2012, 8.15pm

Tonight my wife and I saw lights fly about suburban houses around Lawnton-Petrie at 8:15pm on the 7th of April. First I saw a blue green coloured light moving like a plane, then it quickly started to drop at a right angle to its current path, so my wife ran inside to get a video camera. I then saw two objects, one red, the other a bluish colour, moving about at odd angles and descending towards the houses. It was difficult to capture the lights on film as they briefly rose several times and moved across several hundred metres before descending again. I got the very last one we saw on video. Even though we stayed outside for 15 more minutes, we didn’t see them again.


Lawnton, Queensland, Australia


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