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Launceston, August 2008, reported August 2009

Launceston, August 2008, reported August 2009

I have just stumbled on your site and would like to report a UFO sighting about one year ago.

It was about 10.00pm when I spotted a UFO. I jumped up off the couch and shouted out to my wife to “come and look”. I opened the back door and we both saw it. Afterwards I said to my wife, “see, I told you it was true, I told you so”!
It lasted maybe five seconds from the time first I spotted it. Now I already know UFOs are real and they exist. I have been a witness to these things here in Launceston a number of times but never quite like this. The other times were manifested by “hummings” around 3.00 or 4.00am on ultra-still and “no weather nights”. And on two other occasions dancing lights and still lights with no logical understanding of it.

What was unusual in this case is the direction it was travelling. We are in the city (more like a town) of Launceston in Tasmania. The direction of travel was west to east, not the direction of aircraft. Also it appeared very low and had a bright light which looked as nearly as big as a tennis ball. It had a red dot-like light at the back (if that is the back). Suddenly it appeared to gain extreme speed and it was like someone turned a dimmer switch down and off and then the red light disappeared. I say ‘appeared to gain extreme speed’ and I am sure that was the case, but it was so straight and precise and sort of supersonic, so accurate it was a bit mind bending.


Launceston Drive, Queensbury, United Kingdom


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