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Langwarrin, Vic, July 6 2008, 12.40am

Langwarrin, Vic, July 6 2008, 12.40am

Standing in Cranbourne Rd, Langwarren, I saw five lights immediately above in sky, description: faded yellow – they resembled stars but faded and off colour. They were progressing across the sky from south to north at the apex of the night sky, at 1/4 to half speed of normal shooting stars. They moved in formation.

I was intrigued and then astonished when they moved — it all happened very quickly and my memory may be hazy as I was absolutely stunned to the core at what I saw. The formation weaved with the central light #3 staying steady and the top and bottom lights moved up and down. In six seconds they had moved up and down a couple of times, quickly but with very fluid movements and no jerking whatsoever.

I said the words “what the ###’ at least 15 times (seriously, excuse me), then called my best mate who normally would believe I was having him on at such a time of night. I have never been inclined to report anything I’ve seen in the sky but this rocked me. I would love to hear an explanation if you have one.


Langwarrin, Victoria, Australia


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