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Langwarrin [VIC], early 2004, 12:15am [reported February 2005]

Langwarrin [VIC], early 2004, 12:15am [reported February 2005]

I was heading home from work just after midnight and hadn’t driven very far when I noticed two bright orange lights up in the left hand corner of my windshield, as I am already interested in UFOs they grabbed my attention. I pulled in to the local hospital’s car park, on my left, to get a better view and got out of my car. The objects were very high in the sky but were much bigger than stars, about the size of a five-cent piece. One was stationary but the other was moving towards it at the speed that a normal plane would. From where I was, they were at an 11 o’clock angle in the sky and almost directly above me. I watched them for a minute until the second light stopped just to the right of the first. They stayed stationary for about two or three minutes and then one sped off at a great speed towards Port Phillip Bay and the other appeared to grow smaller until it disappeared, as if it were heading straight up. About one hour later I arrived at a party and told one of my friends whom I work with that I had seen strange lights in the sky on the way home. Before I said any more he said, ‘You mean those orange lights? I saw them too!’ I don’t know if they were normal aircraft or not, but they weren’t like any plane lights I have seen before.

The only other lights I have seen was in the same area about 10 years ago when I was about nine or ten years old. Back then my home town was more rural than it is now, and we lived on a large property. One night in summer I was staying at my friends house down the road and we were sitting outside in one of the paddocks on her trampoline. She had on her farm about six horses which were in the paddock beside us. As we were talking, the horses got all jittery, stamping their hooves etc and my friend said not to worry, that a fox had probably just spooked them. As she said that I felt all the hair on my neck stand up and by the look on her face, hers did too. We looked over to the trees about two acres away at the end of her property, and we saw three red lights descending in a triangular formation towards the trees. Being as young as we were, we ran inside terrified, too scared to find out what it was.


Langwarrin, Victoria, Australia


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