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Lake Morris, Cairns, September 16 2007

Lake Morris, Cairns, September 16 2007

I have a great UFO picture caught on two separate cameras taken during the signing of the registry book at my wedding. We didn’t notice the object until a week after the wedding when my wife was taking another look through the photos. The shots are on disc and are excellent quality as you can zoom right in and see clearly the object. The second camera also caught the image and shows some very unusual energy shimmers directly under the UFO… like cushions/pillows of air. Also the UFO seems to create a very unusual ‘shadow’ or distortion on/near the ground. I have emailed the pics to friends but noticed that during compression for email the quality of the shots is greatly reduced. I would prefer to send you a disc with the digital images in their complete format. If I hear back from you I will organise to send this photo CD to you. I have attached one shot for your interest. [UFORQ did request a copy of these images but to date they have not been received – Ed]


Lake Morris, Cairns, Queensland, Australia


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