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Lake Cootharaba, Cooloola, 1991, reported June 2008

Lake Cootharaba, Cooloola, 1991, reported June 2008

An unusual light sighting by one of your correspondents from Tansy has prompted me to add this information. I remember the year as 1991, the year Jim Sorley was elected as mayor of Brisbane.

We launched our small yacht at Boreen Point on Lake Cootharaba, went for dinner then just after dusk we sailed over to Teewah Landing to spend the night. As we set out from Boreen Point my then seven-year old daughter asked me what the bright star to the left of the sand patch was. Although it was very bright and about two or three times the usual size of Venus, I replied that it must be Venus. ‘Venus’ stayed there for the time it took to get across the lake — around half an hour. Not long after arriving the light moved off to the side and disappeared below the horizon. It seemed unusual but we didn’t think too much about it. After a short while, four lights appeared and over a period of about ten minutes sat side by side or formed a box formation. The four lights disappeared and two reappeared before dropping below the horizon for the last time. The lights never climbed higher than 10 or 15 degrees above the horizon, almost north from Teewah landing. My trig calculations to Tin Can bay at these angles would put them at an altitude of around 15 miles if they were over the army base at Tin Can Bay, so I figured that due to their brightness they had to be over the Cooloola national park area. The lights were incandescent in colour, not flashing or pulsating other than the formation ‘flying’.


Lake Cootharaba, Cooloola National Park, Cootharaba, Queensland, Australia


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