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Labrador, March 24/25 2011

Labrador, March 24/25 2011

We live in Labrador just behind the AFL football club. Last week, 24th or 25th March my husband was laying on bed watching the sky. He saw a silver craft (at first he thought it was a plane) flying from right to left. It stopped and formed as a cloud then melted into the blue sky. He then told me what he saw. I was excited about it because few years ago (probably two or three years) I saw the same thing on the M1 highway! So I sat down and stared at the position where he claimed the object melted, and ten minutes later it reappeared in front of my eyes and I yelled out: ‘OMG It’s back!’ As soon as I finished the sentence it disappeared! We know what we saw because the sun was on our left side and the craft reflected the sun. There was no sound, nothing, when it appeared and disappeared. I’ve always suspect of them having cloaking device.


Labrador, Queensland, Australia


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