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Labrador, January 6 2003, 7.35-7.45pm

Labrador, January 6 2003, 7.35-7.45pm

On Monday 6th January 2003 at approximately 7.35pm my partner and I were outside the house on our back patio. I observed a very bright row of four to five lights with my naked eye. These lights were much too large to be a plane however they were on about the same level as the flight path to Brisbane from the Gold Coast [maybe a little higher]. As I jumped up to take a closer look a large cloud blocked our view [rolling large clouds were passing overhead with fairly high wind] and we stood for probably 4-5 minutes waiting for the lights to emerge from the cloud – this never happened. I would say that I witnessed the lights for only a few seconds and there was no sound emitting from this object whatsoever [generally we can hear planes flying along this flight path]. It looked to be about the length of a cigarette lighter held at arms length. The lights were very bright and whitish in colour. Unfortunately I could not see the actual shape of the object as the lights were so bright. The object was seen in the north east of our home at Labrador.

As we stood waiting for this object to emerge from the large cloud it had disappeared behind, a very large shooting star appeared from the northeast and flew to the southwest in a very large arc. We could actually see a vapour trail and it seemed as if it was breaking up before our eyes. It was a very unusual sighting for this time of evening and the size was enormous.

At approximately 7.45pm we were still gazing to the stars as we couldn’t believe what we had seen when we noticed another strange object in the sky. At first we thought it was a satellite as it was quite faint and very high in the sky however this was stationary and then started to move slowly and then changed directions – not normal for satellites!. After another minute or so another faint light appeared and also veered off in the same direction. These two more faint lights did not seem to move very quickly, and both appeared in the northeast and moved to the southwest before we lost sight of them.

I have read quite a number of publications on UFOs and the sighting of the huge shooting star had me quite convinced that the first object we spotted could well have been a UFO studying the effects of this meteor hitting our atmosphere.


Labrador, Queensland, Australia


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