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Labrador, Gold Coast, QLD, March 18 2009 9.00pm

Labrador, Gold Coast, QLD, March 18 2009 9.00pm

A man and his aunty were sitting outside when they saw a single white light in the sky. It moved across the sky in a few seconds, then did a sharp right angle turn, then headed west. The object seemed to go faster once it changed direction, disappearing extremely fast. It moved much faster than a plane or jet, no flashing lights, no sound.
Two years previously in the early morning while driving on Nappa Road near Seaworld on the Gold Coast, something caught his attention over the ocean. It appeared to be a bubble of light, 50 metres across. It was not transparent but appeared like an apparition. It was there, then it was not there. He only caught sight of it for a few seconds.


Labrador, Queensland, Australia


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