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Kingaroy, Queensland, 1986??? reported March 2010

Kingaroy, Queensland, 1986??? reported March 2010

My sighting was around the year of Haley’s comet. I was coming home in the dark with my four young children and I said to them to keep an eye out for Haley’s comet. We lived in rural Kingaroy in Queensland. There were no street lights and the sky was very clear. I stopped the car as I saw something unusual in the sky. I got out and a light came very close and was getting closer — it could have been a helicopter but it made no noise. It kept getting closer and then hovered. I told the kids to get back in the van as I was a bit nervous about it. I then sped home, which was about a kilometre up the road, got the kids out and this thing was in my sights once again and it still made no noise. It left then, moving very quickly across the sky at a very fast pace — still no noise — and was gone. I went inside told my husband and then rang the local police. The officer was of no help, just telling me of a story in New Zealand. It something that still lives in my mind and am sure it was very unusual.


Kingaroy, Queensland, Australia


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