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Kingaroy. January 29 2007, 6.00-7.00pm

Kingaroy. January 29 2007, 6.00-7.00pm

I would like to report a strange sight I saw outside my window at about 6:00 to 7:00pm on the 29th of January 2007. I looked up to see a silver ball rise up on a continuing elevation toward the clouds. I sat in my room and waited for this ball to level off its climb and follow a straight path over the clouds. But the thing just kept on rising until it disappeared. It was a silver ball. Like a football. Completely spherical. There didn’t appear to be any structural vantage points upon the craft. No discernable features, other than its colour and shape. It made no sound. I couldn’t hear anything in the way of jet engines or propeller emissions. It didn’t produce a contrail or anything that would signify a conventional aircraft. It didn’t have wings or tail. It was just a silver ball that kept on a path of elevation, until it disappeared on its line of elevation. The day itself was clear, bright and sunny. The sighting lasted about 10-20 seconds. The object seemed to be moving rapidly and it seemed to be around the same size as a Ford Focus. But again, perfectly round with no right angles. The object was travelling at an angle of around 50-60 degrees.

I live in the South Burnett. It is a region close to the Bunya Mountain Ranges. I believe it is the start of the Great Dividing Range. It is not the first sighting I’ve seen in this area. In 1995 I witnessed a aeroplane-like craft, but gold in colour. It was large, around the size of two Stealth Bombers. It glided over my house late one afternoon and continued over the Bunya Mountains. I stood and watched this thing quietly glide. I have seen other unusual sightings in this area. I have seen strange lights perform manoeuvres in the shape of squares and rectangles in the night sky. And there was one night where, after witnessing a strange object in the skies, a deep feeling of nausea hit. I also witnessed, with a friend in 1995, a red ball about the same size as a cricket ball circle my house. It was night time. We were sitting outside getting ready to go out and this red ball circled my house, hovered above myself and my friend then headed off into the clouds. We both just looked at each other in shock and asked one another if the other had seen that.


Kingaroy, Queensland, Australia


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