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Kingaroy 1977

Kingaroy 1977

I am not sure of the date now, but when I was 15 years old I was driving home from the town basketball court with my mum, when she saw a large glowing white ball come down from the left hand side of the windshield and pointed it out to me. The first thing she said was it was a star, but it was too big to be a star, and it was moving.

I jumped out of the car and ran down the road to the school were I saw it had gone. When I got there, the object was stationary over the school basketball court and had changed its colour from a glowing white ball to orange and yellow. It was shaped like a top.

I stood there for three or four minutes just watching it. It was about 10 metres off the ground, and it was about 10 metres wide and 20 metres high and absolutely silent. I ran home to get a camera, but when I got there the Polaroid was out of film.

I ran back to the school, which was 300 metres away, and the object was on the move. That’s when I realised that it had changed to a glowing white ball while it was on the move. It was orange to yellow when stationary, showing the full shape of it, with what I made out to be black lights around the centre bulge, and white when it was moving.

I ran back to tell Dad and get him to follow it in the car. We went down to the school oval and saw it heading out towards the dump road, so we followed it out for about 5 kilometres. It stopped out near a house and went down behind it. We waited for awhile, and when it came back up it seemed to be getting bigger, as if it was heading our way.

At this point I got scared and got Dad to get out of there. He must have been scared too because I remember him doing 100 miles an hour back into town, I watched back a lot and the UFO seemed to be getting bigger and closer, but I lost sight of it when we arrived back into town.


Kingaroy, Queensland, Australia


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