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Killarney, Qld, November 29 2007 5:12pm (reported July 2008)

Killarney, Qld, November 29 2007 5:12pm (reported July 2008)

(Personal sighting from Kay McCullock.) A large storm moved through the area and once the lightning had ceased I went out to take some photos of the clouds to see if anything ‘interesting’ was maybe flying in and out of them. I began taking photos (with my 12 mega pixel digital camera/video) looking north from Killarney over Mt Colliery. On one of these photos I decided to zoom in 50% on the area. With the naked eye you could only see clouds. But once I downloaded the camera onto the laptop, I noticed a shiny and partially shadowed-looking disc-shaped object. All the clouds had moved north-east (behind the disc) and the western sky was clearing so there was a little sunlight shining through, hence the shiny disc. I didn’t see it with the naked eye; there were no commercial or military or other air traffic in the area; no wind, it was still; the temperature was cool. In the photo [below] you can see a ‘haze’ around the disc. I did not see the disc vanish or move off with the naked eye or in the camera. Also to note, after taking that particular photo, my very full camera battery all of a sudden became flat and the camera shut down.


Killarney, Queensland, Australia


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