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Killarney 1991, reported June 2009

Killarney 1991, reported June 2009

I was 13 years old when myself and two friends were out shooting one night at Killarney (near Warwick Qld). We didn’t find any of the pigs we were hunting so we decided to take a break and rested on the edge of an erosion-type creek that was about three meters deep. At 2.00am it was very dark with clear skies — there was no sound and everything was nice and still when I noticed to my right there was a sphere with a very bright-dullish weird kinda light approximately four to five meters in diameter, about fifteen meters to my right.

I quickly said to my mates, who were sitting next to me on my left, to look at this thing – which seemed to stun me slightly – and soon as they looked up it disappeared. It was very odd and I was second guessing myself whether I even saw what I thought I saw in the first place, so I just shut my mouth until approximately two minutes later the object returned to its original position. I looked at it and it stayed there, so I said to my mates again very quietly and with no sudden movements, to slowly look up to the right and they did and before they seen anything it vanished again.

I had kept my eyes on it the entire time and the weird thing was it didn’t disappear each time, but it moved so fast to a point where it was next to me and then it was into the sky and it did leave a type of super fast little tail blur.
It came back once more and I said nothing this time and just very clearly observed it for about 30 seconds. The extremely strange thing was that it was a very fluorescent blue, like a corona-type electrical discharge. It made absolutely no sound but here’s the kicker: we sat over a deep creek bed with water around us and as bright blue it was the object made absolutely no reflection on the water or the ground. It wasn’t hard to look at, as in it wasn’t blinding, but it was very blurry so I wasn’t able to se what was behind the blurry blue light.

I am an auto electrical engineer and have experimented with very high voltages and microwaves in my younger days and can only describe it as a high voltage corona wind discharge generated by close proximity to static excitement of electrons close to the ground or air, but the object did stay blue went it went high into the clouds. It moved from where I was sitting to almost out of sight too fast for anyone not looking, but since I was looking I could see it all, It was not interacting with our gravity or atmosphere at all. It definitely could overcome a lot of our forces in nature.


Killarney, Queensland, Australia


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