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Kenilworth 2003 [reported March 2005]

Kenilworth 2003 [reported March 2005]

In the winter of 2003 my daughter and I were driving home to Kenilworth along the Kenilworth-Eumundi Road at about 8.45pm. My daughter, then 9 years old, cried out for me to look out of the front passenger window, and I leaned down to see what she was pointing at.

A bright, fluorescent green ring of light was hurtling toward one of the nearby hills. I slowed to a stop and we saw whatever it was appear to hit the far side of the hill, and a massive green glow arced out around the hill and faded quickly. There was absolutely no noise at all.

I proceeded to drive again, and I was more than a bit jumpy as that road is very ‘country’ with no lighting for motorists whatever. A short way past where I had stopped we noticed a farmhouse with the lights on and curtains pulled back. We could see people inside, but nobody seemed to be aware of what had just occurred.

We were more than glad to arrive home, but it wasn’t until the next day that I learned there had also been strange activity virtually in our own backyard the night before. When I related to some friends what my daughter and I had seen, they proceeded to tell me about a similar green light apparently crashing directly behind my house, a couple of kilometres out. The news report allegedly said that the glow from the ‘crash’ was seen as far as Rockhampton.

All of this was disconcerting enough, but within a day we were inundated with Army personnel, supposedly on manoeuvres. Helicopters with searchlights combed the Kenilworth State Forest for days. The people I spoke to who had asked soldiers directly why they were in town were met with cold silence.

There was never another word reported on the matter. When I came across your site I felt I should speak up about this sighting, as it has haunted me since the time it happened.

In 1975 my mother was a supervisor at [what was then known as] Telecom in Nambour. She phoned home one evening to tell us kids to go outside and check the sky. She said the switchboards were overloaded with calls to the police and other emergency services saying that there were approx seven lights flying in formation at excessive speeds, and they had been reported from folk in Maroochydore, Mudjimba, Coolum, Bli Bli, and Nambour. Some of the reports noted that the objects were disc shaped, and they appeared to fly closer to the ground in some areas.

We ran outside and saw some tiny lights which appeared to be heading toward Nambour. I remember we were very excited about it, and I formed a UFO club at High School the next day!!

From what my mother has said, the reports were coming in from one area then another and back again, so she figured the UFOs were travelling in an apparently random fashion within a certain grid.

I have one more account for your interest. My ex-husband worked out on the Nullarbor as a fettler some years before I met him. He reluctantly told me of an experience that he and a co-worker had late one night coming back from a mate’s place. He admitted they’d had a couple of beers, but was adamant that it was only two because they were to be up at 4.30 for work the next day. He said they were yakking away, driving through a bit of scrub, when all of a sudden the engine of the ute went dead. My ex said he tried to start it but there was no life in the battery at all. Of course the headlights had died at once so he and Abdul [an aboriginal fellow familiar with the area], hopped out and raised the bonnet for a closer look. My ex tried to shine a flashlight on the problem but the torch would not work either. He said there was enough loud swearing going on to wake a bunyip. He was bent over the engine bay trying to feel his way round the battery when Abdul tapped him on the shoulder and indicated upward. My ex said that when he saw Abdul’s face it was the first time he’d ever seen a white black fella. He looked up and to his utter astonishment there was a gargantuan object hovering soundlessly about 100-200 feet above them. He said it was hard to gauge how far up it was because it was so enormous. He said that it had a set of lights rotating around the bottom, green, red and yellow, and the object seemed flat, like a dinner plate, from his vantage point. He said that neither he or Abdul twitched a muscle, and that later on when he recalled the incident, he had a distinct feeling that he couldn’t move, even had he wanted to. He also said he has never felt such pure terror in all his born days.

The object hovered like that for an indeterminate time, and then it began to move slowly before accelerating away almost faster than his eyes could focus on it. The headlights of the ute came back on — although the torch never worked again — so he and Abdul got back into the car without a word to each other. The dash clock read an hour later than just before they’d stopped, because he had checked it, worrying that it was getting very late. He had estimated that the whole incident lasted about 10 minutes, but the clock said otherwise. The engine started and they drove home without a word. The next day the two of them made an oath not to tell anyone about it because they didn’t want to scare anyone in the small community. I asked if he could remember if the object had any markings, but he said all he can recall is the size, the shape, and most of all the lights.


Kenilworth, NJ, United States


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