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Kawana Waters 2000 [reported July 2004]

Kawana Waters 2000 [reported July 2004]

Our sighting is very boring, but would love to hear of any similar. Broad daylight on the beach at Kawana Waters in 2000 at about midday. I looked up and saw what at first appeared to be a children’s helium balloon but a bit larger. It seemed as though it was made of glass and had what resembled a light bulb’s inner-element around the outside of it. It was about 30 feet above us and moved right suddenly, and then stopped above us stock still. It then went directly to the horizon in the count of about five. I have never seen even one of our aircraft move that fast. My boyfriend saw a similar object at the same beach about a year later. If we hadn’t seen it together on the first occasion, I wouldn’t have registered the enormity of it. As there are apparently a lot of sightings off Point Cartwright of lights under the water we were doubly curious. Would love to hear about any other sightings like it.


Kawana Waters, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia


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