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Katanning, late 1996, approximately 7.00-9.00am

Katanning, late 1996, approximately 7.00-9.00am

I was 15 at the time, and had just left the local abattoirs (now named WAMMCO international) and was walking the two kilometres back into Katanning by walking along the great southern highway. I had walked about one kilometre approximately into the journey when I looked towards the east and in plain view saw a metallic object the size of a small cottage that appeared to be on fire, about one kilometre from my position. The object was metallic with a colour of orange fire, flying low, and I estimated its height by the tall eucalyptus trees it was above to be about 150 meters off the ground. It was travelling south to north above farmland at about 15-20 kilometres an hour. I felt panicked and waited for a car to go by and flag them down, but the highway was eerily silent. I observed the object until it got out of view.

I went home and tried to find a Bureau of Meteorology number as I believed it was an asteroid or meteor at the time. However, after thinking about it recently and doing a web search on the matter I found that it cannot have been a meteor as they travel about 1000km/h, and found endless fireball UFO sightings like mine.


Katanning, Western Australia, Australia


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