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Karukali, NSW, 2002

Karukali, NSW, 2002

I would like to write to you about an experience I had in Northern NSW in 2002. I was with friends in the community of Karukali, Coopers Lane Main Arm. We were having a BBQ outside and it was on nightfall. After dinner everyone was talking. I turned to my partner at the time and mentioned the full moon. He told me that the full moon was last week, but I was adamant that it was rising. No one could understand what I was talking about. Then this disc came no more than five meters from us all. It was glowing, like silvery gold. I cannot describe the colour completely. It had a halo and moved very very slowly. It bounced in front of us like it was dancing and playing. We were all in awe and my friend was crying. Three small lights emerged from the larger light and moved around us and then to the cliffs behind us. The lights were apparent for over an hour. There were five of us present and we all saw them. Ever since this experience I have been seeing, whatever terminology you would like to refer to this as, ‘UFO’s, beings of light, extraterrestrials’, and I am at times quite terrified of these experiences. This happened in 2002 and it is now 2011 and their presence is still contacting me to this day. I have never spoken to anyone about this for fear of a label of insanity.


Karukali, New South Wales, Australia


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