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Kansas USA, 1960 [reported December 2005]

Kansas USA, 1960 [reported December 2005]

We lived in Kansas in the early 1960s. One night I looked out of the kitchen window and saw a white cube [about the size of a small box truck] that glowed like a light bulb. It had a red light glowing on the inside of it. The area was north of Great Bend, Kansas. There are or were quite a few radio towers there and one huge TV 2 tower. The cube shaped thing flew around that radio tower like a moth flies around a light bulb of all things, only slower than a moth and it never hit the tower. I ran to the bathroom to get my dad but he said don’t bother him. So I ran back to the kitchen yelling for my two brothers to come look. When I got back to the window it was still flying around the tower. Just before my brothers got to the window it came across the field towards me. In the blink of an eye it was hovering around 75 feet above the ground. That is when my two brothers made it to the window and started saying ‘what is that, what is that?’ The thing hovered there but very slowly turned for 20 seconds or so. Than it spun so fast that it turned into a ball and was gone in a streak almost straight up but a little angle towards the northwest. True true true story. Also, I might add that the red light was fading on an off like the tower light was. I believe it was trying to communicate with it and that it was surprised when it finally noticed me or us. I also think that it was some type of probe or something. We saw what we saw and because of that I know we are not alone.


Kansas, USA


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