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Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, 31 March 2007, 7.30pm

Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, 31 March 2007, 7.30pm

I was coming off the ferry and walking home when I saw five red orbs. They circled around each other and at times disappeared and reappeared [whether or not they just turned their lights off I don’t know]. The camera footage [frame captures provided to UFORQ] doesn’t do justice to the size of the objects, they were massive, as in, if they were about five metres away from me the objects would be at least a sphere that was three or four metres in diameter. They moved away from me and I lost sight of them as they went behind my apartment block. I estimate they were about 500 metres off the ground and hovering just about where the Story Bridge is. They stayed a constant red glow. There is a rather large tree with many leaves [the oldest tree in Kangaroo Point] and my apartment block which may have caused what looked to be disappearing and reappearing on film. However having said this, when I began to start filming, one of the objects came completely out of nowhere. The later stages of the film is where there is obstruction [I was running to get a better view]. I’ve watched the film many a time scrolling in fast forward and rewinding. It’s quite creepy especially when I consider myself a sceptic on such issues.


Brisbane, Kangaroo Point, Queensland, Australia


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