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Just South of Rockhampton along Bruce Hwy.

Just South of Rockhampton along Bruce Hwy.

Where: 23°34’04.7″S 150°34’46.1″E. Just South of Rockhampton along Bruce Hwy.
When: 4.15pm on Friday 20th December 2019.
Shape: cigar shaped. Fuselage with no wings nor tail.
Size: Diameter of a small jet, 2 bus lengths long.
Distance from observer: Was about 30 Metres away.
We were driving north on Bruce Hwy, on a clear day. My wife saw the object to our right just above tree height, we were following the road veering slight left as the object turned slight right to come along parallel to us and at the same speed, 100 kph. The object made no sound and had no trail, nor haze behind it. As we progressed for about ten seconds the trees cleared for a clear close view of the object for another 10 seconds. My wife commented how it has no wings or tail section at all. I saw 4 white rings of ionization around the silver metal fuselage as it started to accelerate past us. We watched it accelerate for about 5 seconds until it had disappeared into the distance. It traveled in a direct straight line about 25 degrees upwards, almost parallel to us, and looked like it went into space. It made no sonic booms and accelerated to a speed far exceeding any conventional technology.


Just South of Rockhampton, Queensland Australia.


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