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Jimboomba, November 2003

Jimboomba, November 2003

I was taking a break on my deck when I heard an aircraft that had a different pitch to what I normally hear. Upon looking up I could see it was either a 737 or a 767 [too high to tell] heading due south. I heard the last of the sound without being able to spot the aircraft as it had gone past the point of the roof, which allowed visual contact. Upon looking up again [in case this echo was in fact another aircraft] I saw bright white object, smaller than plane, approximately size of satellite on “no moon” night, flying at a rapid rate of knots. Normally I would have assumed that this object was in fact a satellite, however, the appearance being the same as the object seen just over a week ago has led me to report this. It was too bright for too long to be a reflection from a satellite.


Jimboomba, Queensland, Australia


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