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Ipswich, reported January 2009

Ipswich, reported January 2009

I saw some UFOs awhile ago but was not able to find your site until today.
I was reading a report on the Courier Mail on UFOs and it said that they look like orange balls. Well if that’s true, I saw at least a hundred of them flying around that night. Some of them were really close to us. They where moving too slow to be a comet. Some of the ” orange balls ” actually landed on the ground ! I also saw some of them really high up in space but they where moving a lot faster, and this was at night.
I was never a believer of UFOs till I started seeing them every now and again. I also saw another type of UFO, this time it looked different, a lot like the ones you see on TV. I was running one day around my 5km loop and I turned my head to the side because I saw a movement a very fast one, and I saw a faint object in the sky — it was a disk shape and it had a few lights. And it was a bit higher then a plane would go.
So I have two reports, the disk shaped one and the orange balls. But I’d like to know why were there so many UFOs in one night? I mean there were at least a hundred orange balls in the sky and some landed.

Also this sighting is from Ipswich — Near Amberley Air Force Base — so I’m sure some RAAF members saw these objects as well.


Ipswich, Queensland, Australia


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