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Ipswich, January 15 2006, 3.00pm

Ipswich, January 15 2006, 3.00pm

Recently I took a photo of a cloud in the sky in front of my house in Ipswich at 3:00pm on January 15, Later, when I was going through the images on the computer, I noticed that there was a dot in one of the clouds. Each time I zoom in more and more it appears to be a UFO. I bought this camera a week ago for the main purpose of taking photos of UFOs. I found it a very big surprise that I have already captured one, and wasn’t expecting to capture one for months. My main plan was to take the camera out to Blacksoil to see if I could take a few photos of UFOs there because I used to live there and had seen a few around.


Ipswich, Queensland, Australia


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