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Ipswich, Friday June 14 2002, 9.30-9.45pm

Ipswich, Friday June 14 2002, 9.30-9.45pm

A woman was in the bathroom when she saw lights out the window. She alerted her brother, mother and sister-in law who all went outside to have a look. They reported 15 red lights travelling slowly from the South, about the speed of an aircraft, in the Eastern sky close together. When they were over Brisbane city, they also saw another bunch of approximately 60 to 80 lights behind them out over the ocean. One of the red lights in the group close to them fired something over the western suburbs down towards the ground. Two seconds after it shot, a booming noise could be heard followed by an airwave. An F1-11 came over the top of their house, appearing to come from the Amberley air base, and when it got close to the group of lights they shot off to the north east. The lights were observed for approximately 2 to 3 minutes in total.


Ipswich, Queensland, Australia


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