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Ipswich, February 14 2002, 4.00am

Ipswich, February 14 2002, 4.00am

I work odd hours and was sitting by my pool looking into the sky almost due north. The town bells rang at 0400 hrs [GMT+10]. The sky was crystal clear. Within 30 seconds of the last bell, I saw a bright white light travelling towards the north at a speed equalling a light plane at low altitude. It appeared from amongst the stars and had a bright centre and undefined edges. Its size was larger that the brightest star we ever see, maybe twice the size. I first thought it was a satellite as I have seen many but the speed was far in excess of the speed I have been used to with the satellites. Also, the period of the arc during which it was visible was small, say 15 degrees. It stayed in clear view for no more than 10 second and faded in intensity while maintaining the same speed. The angle of observation was between 45 degree above the horizon minimum and 60 degree maximum. It came into view from being nothing to full brightness in about 2 to 3 seconds and its exit from view was the exact reversal of its arrival.

I live near Amberley Air Force base [for the last 12 years] and I see hundreds of aircraft flying both at night and daytime. If it had been a landing light then there should have been a red on the left side and green on the right as an absolute minimum. Also it was travelling away from me. There was no sound.


Ipswich, Queensland, Australia


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