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Ipswich, February 11 2001, 3.00am [reported April 22 2006]

Ipswich, February 11 2001, 3.00am [reported April 22 2006]

A couple were going to a party outside Ipswich, got lost and were running out of fuel. They observed six green lights in long grass and then saw a UFO hovering above that remained in the same location for 40 minutes. Later they observed a red light then saw something like the moon bouncing around the sky. As they continued to look at the object it moved ‘straight as an arrow’ towards them at high speed. It was dark metal with a bright orange glow and underneath it looked like a crustacean similar to a Moreton Bay Bug. They then saw hundreds more lights in the grass. As they were driving around looking for a petrol station they saw a big owl sitting in the middle of the road and had to slam on their brakes and some time later realised they were missing 40 minutes.


Ipswich, Queensland, Australia


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