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Innisfail, November 28 2004, 11.00pm

Innisfail, November 28 2004, 11.00pm

I live in far north Queensland in Innisfail, about 100kms south of Cairns. Around 8pm the moon had just risen and looked absolutely lovely. I had a camera on hand so I took three pictures of it, not more than a couple of seconds apart. I didn’t see anything at all, except the moon, and it wasn’t until I downloaded the images to my computer moments later that I saw what I’d photographed. In two of the pictures [not shown] the moon is clear, there is nothing around to be seen. The other picture, which was taken first, has something near the moon, and the moon is blurry as if the camera had focussed on the other object rather than the moon. After this I went outside with my binoculars, and couldn’t see anything like what I’d photographed.

More on the object: it is round and looks to have a ring around it. And no, it isn’t Saturn, though it looks how Saturn looks through a telescope, but much larger than Saturn appears even through a telescope. The object is quite clear in the picture. It was taken on a Canon Ixus 4MP Camera.


Innisfail, Queensland, Australia


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