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Ingle Farm (SA), July 29 2012, 7.00pm

Ingle Farm (SA), July 29 2012, 7.00pm

I live in Ingle Farm, a north-eastern suburb of Adelaide, and on the night of 29/07/12 at approximately 7.00pm I was in our back yard having a cigarette when I noticed a fairly bright ‘star’ like light in the sky that was moving from the south to the north, and to our east, rising to an angle from the horizon of approximately 35-45 degrees.

When I first noticed it, it was in the south at an angle to the horizon of approximately 20 degrees, and way in the distance as seen looking over the roof of our rear neighbour’s house. This object easily was brighter and a fair bit larger than any star in the sky, and gave the impression of being much closer than a normal space satellite would look in the sky (I have seen plenty of those and know what they look like). I would say it was inside our atmosphere easily, possibly at the distance away a plane would need to be for you to see its flashing lights in the night sky. I hope that makes some kind of sense, in terms of distance. I’m finding that a little hard to describe. If I had to guess, I’d say it was possibly over the Adelaide foothills.

It was verging on a more golden colour (or yellow) rather than the flat white colour a star usually gives off, and it didn’t flash or anything, more like the constant ‘twinkle’ of a star. It moved in the trajectory I mentioned, but seemed to waver around, only slightly, but enough for the eyes to notice, up and down of the axis it was travelling on, in a random manner. When I first noticed this I thought of a “balloon with a candle attached” like some people like to build and let go. I still thought this until I saw the other lights.

Anyway, I called my family to see the first light. Two of our three pre-teen boys (ages 10 and 12) came out and also saw the light. I guess this means it was visual for a minute or more, in a clear part of the sky, before all three of us watched as it headed towards a patch of cloud to our east, where it dimmed slightly in the outer clouds, and then was finally blocked by the clouds. The next thing that got my attention was that it did not reappear in the given time it should have taken to travel through the fairly small patch of cloud, and did not reappear on the same trajectory at the other side. It just wasn’t there anymore, and I’d say we waited at least a minute longer than it should have taken.

We waited perhaps 90 seconds, and our 10 year old got bored and went inside. Then both my 12 year old and I said ‘there’s another one’ at almost exactly the same time. This second object was very much like a satellite would look, smaller and that typical white colour. If I had seen this at any other time, I would have just thought ‘satellite’ and not much else, but given what we’d just seen, it seemed to add to the strangeness. This object was at a much higher angle to the horizon, approximately 65-75 degrees, and moving in the opposite direction, north to south, but still slightly to our east. As this object moved high in the sky, we both saw another object of the same description moving south to north, slightly higher again, and seeming to be just ‘above’ the other small object, but moving in the opposite direction. Both had that ‘satellite’ appearance and seemed to be much further away, but seeing all three of these things within about 2-3 minutes of each other, with the 2nd and 3rd object at the same time and so close to each other, is just too weird.

I think our 10 yr old came back out when we called out again as we saw the 2nd and 3rd lights, but I can’t remember if he saw the 2nd and 3rd lights. These lights were only visible for a short time as the sky up higher was quite cloudy. Again, these lights seemed to not continue on their normal trajectory at the far side of the cloud areas they entered, they just didn’t come out the other side. I would also like to mention that both my 12 year old and I saw what looked like a normal shooting star in the south-east and quite high in the sky during all of this, but I still honestly think that this was just coincidence.

I do like to ‘watch the skies’, admittedly, but have never had the need to report anything like this until tonight. I had two witnesses, even if they’re children, so I thought it worth reporting to someone.


Ingle Farm, South Australia, Australia


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