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Ingham, August 6 and 10 2005, 8.30pm

Ingham, August 6 and 10 2005, 8.30pm

My friend saw four UFOs on Aug. 6, 2005 [Saturday night], which she reported to the local police. Four nights later, we met up and had few conversations with all of my band mates. At that night, 8:30pm, her aunt called us inside the building and told us that the UFO was there in the sky again but this time it’s only one so we went out. When I saw it I thought it wass Jupiter, but few seconds later I realized it’s not!

The UFO looks exactly like a star! It’s flickering and it’s got light-rays. But it’s not white that flickers rainbow colours, it’s a yellow-goldish colour that looks like an ordinary fire. In my estimation it has a magnitude of -7, slowly moving towards 260 deg. Azimuth; 85 deg. Altitude, then fading away 15 minutes later. Asteroid? Space objects heat up at 1600 deg C; travelling 27,000km/h during entry and at that temperature it was already showing white flame not yellow-goldish…


Ingham County

United States


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